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Bring the Museum & Theatre’s natural artifact collection to your classroom with an Explore-Some-More Science Kit! Our classroom-ready kits contain a variety of natural artifacts, scientific instruments and books that cover STEM topics in imaginative ways with museum-quality artifacts and learning materials. Through hands-on scientific investigations, dramatic play, crafts, and interactive group activities, your students will have fun learning about the natural world while also strengthening science and technology skills within the Maine Learning Results.


Kits are rented out for three weeks and must be reserved at least one week in advance. Kits can be picked up at the Museum & Theatre or shipped for an additional charge.

To reserve a kit, please click here to fill out our online kit rental form. A staff member will contact you to confirm your reservation, schedule kit pick up, and process payment. Please call (207) 828-1234 ext. 229 or email lily@kitetails.org with any additional questions.


Kits are $125 unless otherwise noted.


    Dinosaur Fossil Detectives

  • Dinosaur Fossil Detectives

    Unearth our collection of fossil replicas to discover how dinosaurs lived more than 65 million years ago! Learn how fossils form and what they can tell us about these ancient reptiles. Also investigate other extinct animals – including the giant megalodon shark and the saber-toothed tiger – with interactive activity plans included in the kit! This also includes a life-sized T-rex jawbone replica!

    Kit Highlights: More than a dozen different fossil casts, 10 different toy dinosaur figurines, field guides, picture books, two Folkmanis dinosaur puppets.

    Maine Learning Results Link: The Living Environment → Evolution

  • Maine Mammal Adaptations

  • Maine Mammal Adaptations

    Claw your way through this kit of furs, skulls, teeth, antlers and turtle shells to learn how animals have adapted to live in Maine’s rugged environment. Students will hone their naturalist skills as they learn to recognize common animal tracks and other signs animals leave behind. Also, create your own crazy creature and discover how humans have adapted to our own environments! Interactive lesson plans included.

    Kit Highlights: Real moose antler and teeth, 26 life-sized animal track stamps, 13 real mammal pelts, 17 samples of scat replicas, great horned owl skull replica.

    Maine Learning Results Links: The Living Environment → Biodiversity, Ecosystems, Evolution

  • New! Simple Machines

    Please contact our Education Department for more information about this exciting new option!

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