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Exploring We Are Maine
The Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine serves as an indispensable resource for educators. In addition to inspiring discovery and imagination through exploration and play, we offer a variety of educator-led school programs. Group visits allow your students to learn through play while exploring the Museum & Theatre. Adding a program can enhance your group's experience, teaching your students about science, culture, arts and theatre with hands-on, artifact-rich learning experiences. Our educators are eager to make your job easier - please let us know how we can best serve your needs and the needs of your students!

Booking a Visit to the Museum

Group reservations must be confirmed with a Museum & Theatre staff person at least 24 hours in advance. Please begin by clicking the appropriate link below to submit your group reservation request. A staff member will contact you to confirm that your requested time is available, arrange the details of your visit and process payment.

Click here to complete an online request form for a Group Visit.
Click here to complete an online request form for a Group Visit with a Program.

During our programs, our educators share a variety of scientific and cultural resources with your group, encouraging hands-on learning, discovery and engagement.

We frequently revise our programs to ensure a high quality experience for students and educators. If you have booked a program in the past and you want to be sure that specific features are still included, please discuss your expectations at the time of booking.

FMI call 207-828-1234 x232 or email

Schedule a two-hour visit on Tuesday through Friday (9:30am-5pm).

Group Size
Groups of 10 or more are eligible for group admission rates.

Admission Rates
  • $7 per person for a two hour visit to explore the Museum & Theatre on your own!
  • $8 per person for a two hour visit with a program: visit includes time to explore the Museum & Theatre on your own.
Two adults per 10 children are admitted free. Payment can be made on the day of the visit. Checks, credit cards and purchase orders are accepted.

Theatre Rates
  • $8 per ticket to a main stage theatre production.
  • $15 per person for a ticket to a main stage theatre production, plus 2 hours of exhibit play.
  • $450 buys a private showing of a main stage theatre production for up to 65 people.
Special Offer!
Receive $0.50 off each admission when your group visits in September, October, January, or February.

Click here to download our complete brochure of onsite, outreach, overnights, and kit rentals.

Our 2017-2018 Theatre Season

Consider checking out our next show! The Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine produces theatre for kids, by kids, in the Dress-Up Theatre. Inspire your students with live theatre! Shows are approximately 1 hour long. Shows available on select dates. Inquire about seat availability for select shows or limited select dates for a private performance.
Exhibit Links: Dress-Up Theatre; dramatic play, puppetry, and costumes available in many exhibits.

This year's shows are:
  • November 2017: The Reluctant Dragon
  • December 2017: Wonder Tales from Vietnam
  • February 2018: James and the Giant Peach
  • April 2018: Puss in Boots

2017-2018 School Programs

Legends of Vietnam (Available for a limited time!)
Explore Vietnam’s New Year’s celebration by touring our exciting cultural exhibit Voyage to Vietnam: A Celebration of Tet, visiting for a limited time from September 2017 through January 2018. Step inside the Vietnamese legend of Banh Chung, meet Vietnamese characters, and discover who made the famous foods eaten on the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. Try on traditional Vietnamese clothing and taste traditional Vietnamese food for a completely immersive cultural experience.
Related Exhibits: Voyage to Vietnam; Dress-Up Theatre

We Are Maine: Cultural Heritage Exploration (New!)
Explore cultures all around us by meeting two families, originally from different places around the world, who now live in Maine. These stories of culture explore family traditions, foods, and holidays through first-person narrated videos. Launch into dynamic discussion, active games, and collaborative art, all celebrating the differences and similarities among all of us.
Related Exhibits: Voyage to Vietnam; New Exhibit TBD

Fair Ways to Play (New!)
Our friendly monster puppet Sully is touring Maine and spreading kindness everywhere he visits! With this interactive puppet show, students will role-play fair ways to play, negotiate with peers, and vocalize needs in the preschool classroom. This program will complement any social emotional learning curriculum.
Related Exhibits: Dress Up Theatre (Dramatic play and puppetry are also available in many exhibits)

Light and Shadow Play (New!)
Explore the South African folktale, Abiyoyo, in this unique and hands-on program that combines science, art, and theatre. Journey through the physics of light and shadow before diving into this classic tale using interactive shadow puppets. Use your whole body to manipulate the shadows to tell a story and learn a song!
Related Exhibits: Dress Up Theatre; Lights, Camera, Color

Story of a Lake (New!)
Using a lake replica, storytelling, and natural science experience how humans have impacted Maine lakes over the past three hundred years. Explore how humans have used Maine lakes, discover plants and animals affected by pollution, learn how humans have worked to clean Maine lakes, and problem solve ways to keep Maine's waterways healthy for generations to come.
Related Exhibits: Ranger Station; Discovery Woods

Maine Animal Adaptations
Discover an array of Maine animal adaptations using real artifacts from our collection. Compare the natural abilities and limitations of a variety of animals through role-play and puppet interactions. Handle and explore amazing animal artifacts like moose antlers, turtle shells, mammal teeth, skulls, and furs. Also available as a three week kit rental.
Related Exhibit: Ranger Station; Discovery Woods

Meet the Turtles
Get up close and personal with live yellow-bellied slider turtles! Use scientific observation skills while exploring real turtle artifacts such as shells and skulls. Learn all about the anatomy and biology of various turtles and tortoises from the land and sea before meeting a live turtle.
Related Exhibits: Ranger Station; Discovery Woods; Tide Pool Touch Tank

Ocean Exploration
Use imagination and puppetry to journey deep into the ocean. With the help of light levels to explore ocean zones, students will transform into ocean-dwelling creatures in our Dress-Up Theatre and meet creatures from the intertidal zone by visiting to our Tide Pool Touch Tank.
Related Exhibits: Tide Pool Touch Tank; Dress Up Theatre; Lights, Camera, Color; Lobster Boat

Dinosaur Fossil Detectives
What is a fossil, and what can it tell us? Travel back in time by completing a Mesozoic timeline, experience the life of a fossil through dramatic play, and explore our collection of prehistoric fossil replicas to determine the creatures to which they once belonged. Touch and examine casts of dinosaur fossils, as well as our life size T-Rex jawbone replica! Also available as a three week kit rental.
Related Exhibits: Ranger Station, Discovery Woods

Rocks and Minerals of Maine
Uncover the secrets of Maine’s rocks and minerals using real specimens from our stunning collection. Handle and investigate watermelon tourmaline, green fluorite, and more as we experience what it’s like to be geologists discovering the amazing beauty of earth’s hidden gems.
Related Exhibits: Discovery Woods; Tide Pool Touch Tank; Ranger Station

Camera Obscura
How do our eyes really work? Find out inside our Camera Obscura, a room-sized optical exhibit demonstrating principles of light, perspective, and vision. Discover the similarities between cameras, our eyeballs, and periscopes in this interactive show. Then create a collaborative piece of Camera Obscura art to take back to your classroom!
Related Exhibits: Lights, Camera, Color

Mini-Plantarium Show: STARLAB®
What is a star made of? How did ancient people use stars as a compass and calendar? Learn about the intersection between science and culture by observing the night sky in our 20-foot inflatable StarLab dome. We’ll also analyze a set of stars and make up our own constellation myth.

Related Exhibits: Space Shuttle

Take the Stage: The Three Little Pigs
Bring the classic story of pigs and a wolf to life with a series of dramatic games and activities that will engage your entire class. This workshop is easily adaptable for any age group and promotes confidence, team-building, taking turns, and listening.
Related Exhibits: Dress-Up Theatre

Puppet Shows!
Experience the magic of live theatre with a classroom puppet show. Puppet shows encourage literacy through storytelling and offer opportunities for the audience to sing and play along. Shows include Stripes and Spots, 3 Billy Goats Gruff, and Kids on the Block. Puppet shows are performed by two actor-educators and are available for groups of up to 60 people (children and adults).
Stripes and Spots: Explore things that are the same and things that are different through the eyes of a young striped tiger and a young spotted leopard who set out in search of something to eat. By Maine writer and illustrator Dahlov Ipcar and produced with permission from Islandport Press.

3 Billy Goats Gruff: Compare goats of different sizes, from the smallest to the biggest, in this silly puppet show about the grass that’s always greener on the other side.

Kids on the Block: Promote acceptance of difference and disability awareness with a Kids on the Block puppet show! Kids on the Block is a nationwide program using Bunraku-style puppetry as a way to break down barriers and create empathy and understanding. Each booking includes two puppet skits and an opportunity for the audience to ask the puppets questions afterwards.
Related Exhibits: Dress-Up Theatre

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