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Dinosaur Fossil Detectives
The Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine can come to you! Outreach programs bring the Museum & Theatre's resources and expertise directly to your school.

  • The Life of Istar, A Humpback Whale: $150
  • STARLAB®: $125
  • Others: $100
There is a two program minimum beyond 10 miles and a three program minimum beyond 25 miles of the Museum & Theatre. Programs can accommodate a maximum of 25 students unless otherwise noted.

Reservations: To book an Outreach Program please begin by clicking the link below to submit your program request. A staff member will contact you to confirm that your requested time is available, arrange the details of your program and process payment.

Please note: We frequently revise our school programs to ensure a high quality experience for students and educators. If you have booked a program in the past and you want to be sure that specific features are still included, please discuss your expectations at the time of booking.

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FMI call 207-828-1234 x232 or email .

Program Topics:

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2017 Outreach Programs

Dinosaur Fossil Detectives
What is a fossil, and what can it tell us? Experience the life of a fossil through dramatic play and then explore our collection of prehistoric fossil replicas to determine which creatures they once belonged to. You'll get to touch and examine casts of dinosaur fossils, as well as our T Rex jawbone replica. Also available as a three week kit rental.

The Life of Istar, a Humpback Whale
Using storytelling, props and artifacts, and a giant whale model, we'll share the life story of Istar, a real humpback whale who lived in the Atlantic Ocean. Learn about what humpbacks eat, where they swim and how they survive in the ocean. After learning about this famous whale's life, we'll go inside an inflatable 45 foot, life-size replica of her body.
*This program requires a large space such as a gymnasium or cafeteria. Outdoor reservations have restrictions based on weather conditions.

Maine Mammal Adaptations
Discover an array of Maine animal adaptations using drama and real artifacts from our collection. Compare the natural abilities and limitations of a variety of animals - even humans! Handle and explore amazing animal artifacts like a moose antler, a turtle shell, mammal teeth, skulls and furs. Also available as a three week kit rental.

Meet the Turtles
Get up close and personal with live yellow-bellied slider turtles! Practice your observation skills while exploring real turtle artifacts, like shells and skulls. Learn all about the anatomy and biology of various turtles and tortoises from the land and sea, and then meet one of our turtles in person.

Preschool Special! Little Plays
Experience the magic of live theatre as a story comes to life in your classroom. Each Little Play provides opportunities for the audience to play along with actors. Little Plays are designed to encourage literacy and use stories from the OWL pre-k curriculum. Please inquire for story options. This show is available for groups of up to 60 people (children and adults).
Choose one:
  • Stripes and Spots by Dalov Ipcar
  • 3 Billy Goats Gruff
  • Corduroy
Rocks and Minerals of Maine
Uncover the secrets of Maine's rocks and minerals using real specimens from our stunning collection. Work in teams to handle and investigate watermelon tourmaline, green fluorite and more as we experience what it's like to be a geologist discovering the amazing beauty of Earth’s hidden gems.

Kids on the Block
Educate your students about visual impairment and cerebral palsy with a Kids on the Block puppet show! Kids on the Block is a nationwide program using Bunraku-style puppetry as a way to break down barriers and create empathy and understanding. Each booking includes two puppet skits and an opportunity for the audience to ask the puppets questions afterwards. This show is available for groups of up to 60 people (children and adults).

Simple Machines
When you use simple machines to solve silly problems, you earn superhero powers! Learn how to find practical solutions to real world problems and make work easier by rotating through five simple machine model stations.

Mini-Plantarium Show: STARLAB®
What is a star made of? How did ancient people use stars as a compass? Learn about the intersection between science and culture by observing the night sky in our 20-foot inflatable StarLab dome. We'll also analyze a set of stars and make up our own constellation myth. Choose a cultural theme: Greek, Navajo/Dine*, or Chinese.
*available September-March

Sustainable Footprints
How can we work together to preserve our planet? We'll use our bodies as game pieces in a life-sized sustainability board game to learn how daily activities affect oceans, forests and farmlands. Working in teams, we'll practice basic math skills to calculate how we can minimize our pollution footprints and help the Earth.

Take the Stage: The Three Little Pigs
Bring the classic story of pigs and wolves to life with a series of dramatic games and activities that will engage your entire class. This workshop is easily adaptable for any age group and promotes confidence, team-building, taking turns and listening. Other stories available upon request for an additional $25 fee.

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