Camp Information

2019 Summer Camp Information

Read below for descriptions of our summer camps. Camp registration is now open!

Candy Cooking Camp; Ages 4-6

June 10-14 • 8:30am-Noon
The land of candy awaits you with gum drops and chocolate goo! Use science and imagination to make our own sweet and healthy treats. Roll the dice to see what enchanted recipe we make each day. Mix, measure and munch on treats such as peppermint frozen yogurt, gingerbread cottages, and clover honey brittle. $180/camper.

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Space Adventure Theatre Camp; Ages 4-6

June 17-21 • 8:30am-Noon
Inspired by the magic of The Little Prince, the music of David Bowie, and the wonder of real science of space exploration, this will be a universal adventure like none other. Together, we’ll set up a space station, tend to and cook with edible plants grown by astronauts, prepare for a mission, and create our own planetary worlds full of imaginary beings. Science, art, and your imagination combine in this extraordinary experience for any space enthusiast. $180/camper.

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"Mainiacs" Science Camp; Ages 6-8

June 24-28 • 8:30am-Noon
From the urban landscape to the working waterfront there’s an endless scientific landscape to explore in Maine. Meet with Maine scientists, dissect squid, catch a crustacean, grow your very own blueberry plant, and more. We’ll learn about the real issues that face our environment as we venture out into the city and port to test, experiment, and explore. $180/camper.

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The Great Cooking Challenge Camp; Ages 5-10

July 1-3 (3-day camp!) • 8:30am-Noon
From the world’s fluffiest pancake to the chewiest chocolate chip cookie and the perfect pizza dough, kids are in charge in this hands-on cooking extravaganza. Each day we’ll tackle a new recipe challenge and mix, beat, and experiment our way to the finale taste test. Only $120/camper!

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Commedia dell'Arte Theatre Camp; Ages 6-8

July 8-12 • 8:30am-Noon
Explore the world of physical theatre through this introduction to Commedia dell’Arte. We will spend a week playing, exploring, and expressing through movement while meeting different characters of Italian masked theatre. We will also stretch our imaginations to create our own Commedia characters and design our own masks that we will share with friends and family in a special end of the week performance. $180/camper.

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Time Traveling Art Camp; Ages 4-6

July 15-19 • 8:30am-Noon
Travel through time; learn about the world and yourselves during this messy art camp. Experience what it may have been like to form the first clay figurines and mix up an ancient paint recipe. Paint upside down like the Renaissance masters, take your art “en plein air” like the Impressionists and create a post-modern sculpture. Complete the adventure by meeting a guest artist currently working in Portland! $180/camper.

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Stories in the Kitchen Cooking Camp; Ages 4-6

July 22-26 • 8:30am-Noon
Do dragons really love tacos? What happens if you give a mouse a cookie? Explore the world of cooking through some of our favorite story books and dramatic play. Stories such as Dragons Love Tacos and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie will provide dramatic flair to our culinary creations. Get ready to measure, mix and imagine as we serve up a week of tasty treats. $180/camper.

Register for Stories in the Kitchen Cooking Camp (morning camp) here!

Ukulele Camp; Ages 6-8

July 29-August 2 • 8:30am-Noon
Explore all things ukulele this week. Learn or review basic chords, strumming techniques and a variety of songs. Create your own musical instrument out of recycled materials, play rhythm and sound games, make a songbook to share with family and friends, and meet a local musician. Each participant will need a ukulele for the duration of the camp. Please contact for questions about instruments. $180/camper.

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Dinosaur Camp; Ages 4-6

August 5-9 • 8:30am-Noon
Step inside the shoes of a paleontologist and walk in the footsteps of prehistoric giants! All week we will explore the world of dinosaurs as we dig up replica dinosaur bones, create our own fossils, and experiment with volcanic eruptions. $180/camper.

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Folktale Camp; Ages 4-6

August 12-16 • 8:30am-Noon
Venture into the world of make-believe as we act, sing, engineer, paint, and play our way through the magical world of fairy tales with a fun twist: we’re featuring stories with “threes.” Act out the Three Little Pigs on stage, watch an interactive puppet show of The Three Billy Goats Gruff, engineer a bed for each of the three bears, and sing a happier version of The Three Blind Mice nursery rhyme all while meeting at least three new friends! $180/camper.

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Note: If you sign up for Monarch Butterfly Camp as well, childcare will be provided from 8:30am-3:30pm.

Monarch Butterfly Camp; Ages 4-8

August 12-16 (Afternoon!) • 12:30-3:30pm
In mid-summer, the milkweed grows tall all over Maine, and monarch butterflies are flying through our parks and meadows. Observe real caterpillars, observe metamorphosis in action and learn more about these fantastic creatures through dance, drama and art. Map the milkweed in our neighborhood. Champion these insects along their great migration to Mexico. Only $120/camper!

Register for Monarch Butterfly Camp (afternoon camp) here!
Note: If you sign up for Folktale Camp as well, childcare will be provided from 8:30am-3:30pm.

"Let's Make it Up" Theatre Camp; Ages 6-8

August 19-23 • 8:30am-Noon
In this theatre intensive camp, we will work together using our imaginations and theatrical skills to write an original script, create our costumes and set, and stage a final performance for friends and family…all in ONE WEEK! Can we do it? There’s only one way to find out! $180/camper.

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