Camp Information

Summer Camp 2018 Information

Registration for our 2018 Summer Camp season is open. Please call (207) 828-1234 ext. 232 or register online below! Camps run Monday through Friday. Each camp costs $165 per week (unless otherwise noted) and includes a healthy snack and private playtime throughout the Museum & Theatre before we are open to the public.

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  • NEW! Sign up for BOTH morning and afternoon camps in one week (limited weeks) and stay from 9am-3:30pm!
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Click any of the camps below to register. Please contact us at (207) 828-1234 ext. 232 or email if you have any questions about summer camp.

Kids Cook Camp; Ages 4-6

June 18-22 • 9am-Noon
Do dragons really love tacos? What happens if you give a mouse a cookie? In this camp, we’ll explore the world of cooking through some of our favorite story books and dramatic play. Each morning, we’ll explore stories such as If You Give a Pig a Pancake and Green Eggs and Ham that will provide culinary inspiration for the rest of the day. We’ll combine math, reading, and theater skills – all while cooking up something delicious! Please be aware recipes used in this cooking camp are nut-free but may contain wheat, dairy, and other potential allergens. $165/camper

Registration for this camp is closed!

Ooey Gooey Camp; Ages 4-6

June 25-29; 9am-Noon
Dive right into this tactile adventure with all that is ooey and gooey! Mix up edible, glow in the dark, and color changing slime, erupt giant volcanoes, explode marshmallows, create 3D textured finger painting, and more! $165/campter
Registration for this camp is closed!

The Musical Ukulele Camp; Ages 6-8

July 9-13; 9am-Noon
Explore all things ukulele this summer. Learn or review basic chords and strumming techniques as we put together a variety of songs. Create your own musical instrument out of recycled materials, play rhythm and sound games, make a songbook to share with family and friends, and meet a local musician. Each participant will need a ukulele for the duration of the class. Please contact for questions about instruments. $165/camper
Register for Musical Ukulele Camp here!

Dinosaur Camp; Ages 4-6

July 16-20; 9am-Noon
Discover prehistory by travelling back in time in a theatrical dinosaur adventure, become a scientist to dig up replica dinosaur bones, create your own fossils, and get messy with volcanic eruptions. Unearth the Museum & Theatre’s fossil and fossil replicas, including life-size model of a T-rex jaw bone! $165/camper

Registration for this camp is closed!

Treasure Hunt Theatre Camp; Ages 4-6

July 23-27; 9am-Noon
Ahoy, mateys! Join us for a week of swashbuckling adventure and searching for buried treasure! Build your own pirate ship for adventures on the high seas, follow treasure maps to buried treasure, attend a Main Stage Production of Treasure Island and meet actors from the play. Just don’t be fooled by that tricky Long John Silver! $165/camper
Register for Treasure Hunt Theatre Camp here!

Treasure Island Acting Camp; Ages 6-8

July 30-August 3; 9am-Noon
Shiver me timbers! Put on your pirate hats, open your spy-glasses and join us for a week of acting camp inspired by Treasure Island. Stretch your dramatic muscles and get more comfortable on stage, as we tell our own version of this beloved tale. Create props and costumes to complete the experience. Family and friends are invited to attend a short performance on the last day of camp. $165/camper
Register for Treasure Island Acting Camp (morning camp) here!

Ooey Gooey Plus - Extreme Experiments; Ages 6-8

July 30-August 3; 12:30-3:30pm
Dissect squids, open up owl pellets, grow mold mountains, and create five unique varieties of slime (one to take home each day) perfect for hands on experimentation. Grab your lab coats and goggles as we smell, taste, touch, and observe all that is wonderfully ooey gooey. $165/camper

Registration for this camp is closed!

Engineering Art Camp; Ages 6-8

August 6-10; 9am-noon
Swing and rock giant pendulum and catapult paintings, light up electric star scapes, grow mossy 3D scenes, build structures from your wildest imagination, and more as we push the bounds of science and art. Perfect for the young scientist in search of creative ways to experiment with physics, engineering, and biology. $165/camper
Register for Engineering Art Camp here!

All Day Theatre Camp: Shakespeare, Improv, and More; Ages 6-10

August 13-17; 9am-3:30pm
If you’ve ever seen one of our Main Stage shows and thought “I want to do that!” this camp is for you! Join us for five full days in the theatre to bolster your confidence in the spotlight and get ready for your first audition! In the mornings we’ll explore Shakespeare, and improvisation in the afternoons. At the end of camp we'll perform a 25 minute adaption of the Shakespeare classic A Midsummer’s Night Dream, complete with lights, costumes, fairies, and mischief! $330/camper
Register for All Day Theatre Camp here!

Stars & Space Camp; Ages 4-6

August 20-24; 9am-noon
3..2..1.. blast off into a week among the stars! Explore the stars in our mini-planetarium as we learn about Greek and Chinese constellations and even create our own star stories. Create a felted planet, design your own telescope, and train like a real astronaut. We’ll travel to the planets in our solar system and find out what life would be like on Mars. $165/camper
Register for Stars & Space Camp here!