Summer Camps 2016

Registration for our 2016 Summer Camp season is now open!

Please call 828-1234 x232 or register online now!

Camps run Monday through Friday from 9am-12pm. Each camp costs $165 per week* and includes a healthy snack and private playtime throughout the Museum & Theatre from 9-10am before we are open to the public.
*Members receive a $25 discount per camp

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Please contact us at 828-1234 x232 or email if you have any questions about summer camp!

Hungry Caterpillar & Friends Camp • Ages 4-6

July 18-22 • 9am-Noon
Eric Carle, Eric Carle, what do you see? Dive into the world of Eric Carle through art, movement, science, and play. We'll discover sea creatures from A House for Hermit Crab in the Museum & Theatre's tide pool touch tank, observe how our collection of live caterpillars grow into butterflies just like in The Very Hungry Caterpillar, make delicious pancakes from Pancakes, Pancakes!, explore Papa, Please get the Moon For Me in our mini-planetarium and test out Carle's favorite art form: collage!
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Urban Garden Growers • Ages 4-6

July 25-29 • 9am-Noon
Registration for this camp is closed!

Ooey Gooey Science • Ages 4-6

August 1-5 • 9am-Noon
Science is messy! Join us for a week of playful experiments and ooey gooey exploration. We'll create fields of erupting volcanoes, dance in tubs of oobleck, and use the Museum & Theatre's live animal exhibits to explore the mucky worlds of ponds and tide pools. We'll also dig up wriggly worms in our garden, splash in our outdoor whale fountain, and mix up slime to take home as we celebrate curiosity-quenching messes.
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Magic and Fairy Houses • Ages 4-6

August 8-12 • 9am-Noon
Welcome to the magical world of fairies and make-believe! We'll expand our imaginations as we use natural objects like shells, acorns, and flower petals to create mythical world of forts and fairy houses. Our enchanted exploration will continue as we decorate fairy wings, create magic wands, learn fanciful dances and act out our own versions of traditional fairytales. We'll also delve into the natural magic of ocean tide pools and forest floors by exploring the Museum & Theatre's tide pool touch tank and collection of woodland artifacts.
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Superpower Science Camp • Ages 4-6

August 15-19 • 9am-Noon
Would you like to fly or be super strong? Get ready for an action-packed adventure as we discover how science gives us superpowers! We'll build an anemometer to measure the perfect wind speed for flying, use simple machines to move massive objects, and defy gravity with magnetic powers, among other heroic feats - we'll even harness the weather to create mini-lightning! Each camper will get to create their own superhero character and costume to enjoy throughout the week.
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Greek Mythology in 3D: Acting Camp • Ages 6-8

August 22-26 • 9am-Noon
Activate the ancient stories of Greek mythology through movement, voice and improvisation on the stage! Move mountains like Hercules, command a stony glare like Medusa and fly like Icarus in this one week camp for 6-8 year olds. We'll learn the stories behind the constellations in our own mini-planetarium, play improvisational acting games and make masks of the Gods. Actors will perform their own "Star Stories" on the final day of camp.
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Are you older than eight and interested in our theatre program? We are doing three plays for younger audiences this summer! Click here to find out how you can get involved!