maasai tribe necklaces

Ceremonial Maasai Tribe Necklaces

The Maasai tribe from the African country of Kenya is recognized for their intricate and colorful clothing and artwork. Let's learn how to make our own ceremonial Maasai Tribe Necklaces.

  1. maasai tribe necklaces First we'll need to create large circles that fit around our necks. We can make circles from heavy weight paper or paper plates.

  2. maasai tribe necklaces Cut circles in various sizes so we can layer them, like the Maasai people do with their jewelry. We suggest the first necklace be 9" in diameter with an inner circle that is 7". Make another that is 16" in diameter with an inner circle that is 6".

  3. maasai tribe necklaces Cut a slit on one side of each collar so you can slip the necklace on and off.

  4. Decorate with tons of reused and recycled materials!

  5. You can add string or yarn to the necklaces that goes down to your feet, just like Maasai Tribe necklaces.