Paint Like a Polar Bear!

What kinds of hands do polar bears have? 5 fingers like us? Webbed hands like reptiles? Talons like owls? No, you know, they have paws! This painting project is cooool and gives a use to old mismatched socks!

paint like a polar bear
  1. Distribute watered-down washable paint into a number of small containers. (Make sure they are big enough to put a paw into!)

  2. What type of colors do you think a polar bear would like to paint with? What do you think a polar bear might paint?

  3. Find those mismatched socks and paw up! Slip them onto your hands and dip them into the paint. Now you can start making your polar bear painting!

  4. Can you make big strokes? How about paw prints?

paint like a polar bear