paper bag ponchos

Paper Bag Ponchos

Cinco De Mayo (the fifth of May) is a holiday that celebrates Mexico's victory over a battle with France. It is a day of pride, unity and great festivities!
To celebrate Cinco De Mayo lets reuse paper bags and turn them into South American Ponchos!

  1. paper bag ponchos Flatten the paper bag.

  2. paper bag ponchos Cut a circle in the bottom part (this will actually be the top, and the hole for your head!)

  3. Decorate each side of the bag with designs. Look online for Mexican symbols and color themes. Take a look at the symbols below for ideas.

    paper bag ponchos paper bag ponchos
  4. Once the sides are dried, glue or tape your fringe on the bottom of the bag.

  5. paper bag ponchos Finally, cut slits in the side seams of each paper bag.

paper bag ponchos
Optional: Check out this vest, another version to try! Instead of slits on the sides, cut two circle arm holes and a slit down the front.