pop art

Pop Art

Andy Warhol was an artist who loved painting popular objects like soup cans. He also created portraits of celebrities. We call his style of art Pop Art. Make your own American Pop Art piece using photocopies or computer print-outs of a picture or try using a self-portrait like Andy Warhol did.

  1. Look on the internet or in the library for examples of Andy Warhol's art. He used a printmaking technique called silkscreening (we'll use print-outs).

  2. pop art Choose a simple black and white picture and print or copy it four times.

  3. pop art Cut each of the 4 identical pictures into squares

  4. Color each one a separate color. You can use different color greens for one, and different color reds for another, but make sure you stay in the same color family. Keeping within the same color family is called monochromatic. Use your red crayon to color light and dark. Value in art is a way of describing how dark or light a color is. How many values can you create?

  5. pop art Find a piece of blank paper and line up your 4 colored images into a larger square.

  6. Glue onto the paper. Don't forget to sign your work! Fantastic!