Make the Most of Your Visit to the Children's Museum & Theatre!

Blown away in Have a Ball!
Photo by Claudia Dricot.
Wondering about ways in which you can ensure a meaningful, fun and educational experience for your child (and yourself!) while at the Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine? Look below for ideas on how to make your visit(s) both positive and memorable!

Play with me!
This is a place for the young and young at heart! We encourage you to play and interact with your child throughout the Museum & Theatre. You are your child's teacher and playmate, so use your imagination and imitate animals through sound and movement, make up a story in our Dress-Up Theatre, ring the bell on the fire truck, get rolling with Have a Ball!, create something wonderful in the Explore Some More room and ask questions to further your child's learning (e.g., Why does the starfish in the Touch Tank have five arms?). The options are endless, so have fun!
Take me by the hand...
Allow your child(ren) to decide where you go in the Museum. Watch carefully what your child chooses to look at, touch, listen to and observe. The choices your child makes will inform you of his or her interests and grant you the opportunity to learn even more about what gets your child's curiosity going! Observe your child's exploration; play is nature's way of helping kids experiment with ways of thinking, solve problems and discover how the world works!
So many choices...
There are so many things to do and see here at the Museum! As you enter our front lobby, make sure you and your child(ren) check out our spinning exhibit wheel. Take a spin and see where your adventure will take you! Please do not feel you must see the entire Museum & Theatre in one visit. In fact, it is beneficial for your child to spend more time in one exhibit so he or she can become further engaged in discovery and learning.
Walking Feet, Memories to Beat!
Encourage your child to walk through the museum to help us maintain a safe environment. Consider mentioning to your child that walking is safer and gives him or her a chance to see all the exhibits without missing a thing! We want all of our visitors to enjoy their time here and get the most from their outing, so please use walking feet to keep your children and others safe, happy and ready to experience all there is to investigate!
Trade your Cell Phone for Cells and Bones!
When exploring activities led by youth and adult educators in the Ranger Station (as well as every other activity in the Museum & Theatre), power off your cell phone and power up on learning and play! The simple act of turning off your cell phone can make an activity more valuable for you and your child.
Food, Clothing and Restrooms
Although we do not allow eating in the Museum's exhibit areas or during Theatre performances, there is a cafe located on the lower level with a vending machine filled with healthy drink and snack choices to satiate snack attacks! This space is also an ideal place to share a lunch from home and engage in conversation during your Museum & Theatre visit. Make sure to talk with your child about what you have already done together and ask questions to get him or her thinking about what you are planning to check out before you leave. Restrooms are located on the lower and second levels. All are equipped with changing tables.
Consider bringing an extra change of clothes with you to the Museum & Theatre.
Lots of our activities involve messy play, which can lead to paint smears, soaked sleeves and huge grins (even with a smock on!). While you might need to make a quick switch to a different shirt after your child's completed a project, these activities help to stimulate children's senses, grant them hands-on opportunities to try new things and encourage them to learn how to express themselves. Worth the swap? You bet!
Seeing this case, a good thing!
All of our staff and volunteers wear red aprons and nametags. Look for us if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to help you the best way we can. We are always looking for ways to improve our exhibits, programs and services, and we encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas!
Lost Children (and Adults!)
Please notify a staff person as soon as you know of a child becoming lost in the Museum. We have a specialized procedure to follow for lost children and parents. Before visiting the Museum & Theatre, talk to your child about what to do in case he or she gets lost. Come up with a common meeting place (such as the front desk) for you and your child to meet in the event that you are separated. Encourage your child to notify the front desk if he or she has misplaced a parent or guardian - adults can get lost, too!
Out the Door, Play and Learn Some More!
Just because you leave the Museum & Theatre does not mean you have to stop play and learning! Encourage your child to talk about her visit to the Museum. What did he or she enjoy most? Did he or she learn something new? Which exhibit was his or her favorite? After visiting We Are Maine, would he or she like to learn how to cook something from a different culture? Be sure to check out our Activities for Home and Book List pages for ideas to inspire you to continue pretending, creating, drawing, laughing, climbing and acting at home!
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