Patron Pig Pile

How does the Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine give back to the community?
  • 4,602 visitors enjoyed the Museum for free last year, via $1 First Fridays and donated passes. That s $32,214 in free admissions!
  • More than 100 families received scholarship memberships!
  • Staff, youth staff and volunteers lead at least 50 free programs and activities for our visitors each week that s over 2,600 each year!
  • We offer 10 different Traveling Tales backpacks which visitors can check out free of charge, so they can keep learning and exploring at home!
  • We host private playtimes for families of children with autism, free of charge!
How can the community give back to the Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine?

By contributing to the PATRON PIG PILE!

The Patron Pig Pile is a way for members and visitors to support the Museum & Theatre! When you make a small donation at the front desk, the front desk staff will give you a ball and markers with which to decorate the ball any way you like! When you are ready to put your ball in the Pig Pile, the front desk staff will give you the Little Pig-Key. Place your ball at the bottom of the tube and use the Pig-Key to press the button, then watch your ball whoosh into the Pig Pile! The front desk staff will give you a special sticker to wear to thank you for supporting the Museum & Theatre.

The Pig Pile is an interactive teaching exhibit, introducing children to the concepts of donations and giving. Your donation is an investment in the Museum & Theatre our exhibits, programs, materials and our outreach efforts in the community!
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