Why Give?

Blast off in the Space Shuttle.
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Find your way to connect with the Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine.

We invite you to participate in our work as an educational resource for children, families and educators. Your support helps us grow in mission and service, adding to the vitality and quality of life in our community.

Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine is a unique place where child-centered activities both inform and inspire further exploration.
  • Where else do you find children and adults engaged in imaginative play together while learning about how things work in the world?
  • What other children's organization offers enrichment activities and workshops that probe science topics and celebrate diverse global cultures?
  • Where else can children learn the performing arts, join a company of young actors and create engaging productions for a live audience?
  • What other destination offers a safe and stimulating play space for toddlers, messy art and noisy drama opportunities for preschoolers and environmental education enrichment programs for school groups?
  • Where else can Maine families go for lively, affordable entertainment produced by and for children?
Through your support of the Museum & Theatre, you can make a difference. We welcome you as a volunteer, a donor - or both!

Thank you!

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