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Written in the Stars: Greek Mythology Comes to Life Summer 2016!

This summer, the Museum & Theatre will be producing three plays based on famous stories from Greek mythology with performances running all summer long: July-August! That means you can see shows any week of the summer, and there are more opportunities for young actors to join us on the stage.

The Stories:

The Twelve Labors of Heracles: The hero Heracles must fulfill the promise of an oracle. Can he defeat twelve monsters to redeem himself and prove his strength?
Performances: June 30-July 16.

Icarus and Daedalus: Inventor Daedalus creates a pair of wax wings to help his son Icarus escape the island of Crete. He warns Icarus not to fly too low, and not to fly too high. Will Icarus heed his father's warning?
Performances: July 21-August 6.

Perseus and Medusa: A young prince encounters a fearsome beast with snakes for hair! He must outwit her before she turns him to stone...
Performances: August 11-27.

All performances are Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays at 4pm.
Audition Information:
Group Auditions: Saturday, June 4th from 10:30am-12pm
We are currently only seeking actors for Icarus and Daedalus, Rehearsals June 13-July 20, Performances July 21-August 6.
To Audition:
Auditions are open to actors ages 8-17. No experience necessary. These are group auditions - no need to prepare a monologue! Actors will play improvisation games, read a scene from the play, and learn more about our theatre and the story of Daedalus and Icarus.

It is free to audition. If cast, there is no cost to participate as an actor or a backstage crew member for our productions. Please attend auditions with a parent or guardian, and bring a summer calendar showing rehearsal availability. For more info: email

Our summer repertory season is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust.

Not ready for a full show? Click here to check out our theatrical summer camp that runs August 22nd-26th.

Call Reba Short at 828-1234 x247 or email .

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