How To Be A Good Audience

Before The Show:

  • Arrive about 10 minutes before the show begins to pick up your ticket and choose your seat.

  • Look at the stage where the actors perform. Can you see it very well? Are you in the perfect seat to watch the show? We welcome all children to come and sit on the purple and green bolsters close to the stage. That way you won't miss any action!

  • Look at the set where the show takes place. What does it remind you of? Can you guess what the story is about?

  • Make sure you visit the restroom before the show starts!

During The Show:

  • Listen with your ears.

  • Watch with your eyes.

  • Please stay in your seat.

  • Don't talk to your neighbor or even whisper - remember the actors can hear you!

  • Laugh when something is funny.


  • Clap if you liked the show!

  • Sign up to receive future info about productions, classes and auditions.

  • Keep an eye on the Museum & Theatre facebook page and our production spotlights to see great photos from the show!

  • Tell us what you thought of the show:

    1. Draw a picture of your favorite scene;

    2. Write a letter to a character that you liked or didn't like and tell him/her why;

    3. OR if you have any questions you would like the Director to answer, email us at

    4. or mail us a letter to:

      Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine
      PO Box 4041
      Portland, Maine 04101