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The Reluctan Dragon

November 2 through November 19

Crops are dying, milk is souring, and the village of Guildermere has no one to blame but the dragon who lives upon the downs. The townspeople call in St. George to challenge the dragon to a duel, but this dragon has no interest in duels. This is a peace-loving, poetry-spouting dragon who would much prefer a cup of tea. This adaptation of the original story explores what happens when misunderstandings escalate into prejudice and violence.

Adapted by Mary Hall Surface, based on the book by Kenneth Graham, produced with permission from Dramatic Publishing Company. Performed for children and their families by our company of young actors.

$9/member, $10/visitor, $16/stay and play.
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Need more information? Please contact Reba at (207) 828-1234 ext. 247 or email reba@kitetails.org.

Performance dates:
  • Thursday November 2 at 4pm
  • Friday November 3 at 4pm
  • Saturday November 4 at 1pm & 4pm
  • Sunday November 5 at 1pm & 4pm
  • Friday November 10 at 4pm
  • Saturday November 11 at 1pm & 4pm
  • Sunday November 12 at 1pm & 4pm
  • Friday November 17 at 4pm
  • Saturday November 18 at 1pm & 4pm
  • Sunday November 19 at 1pm & 4pm

$9/member, $10/visitor, $16/stay and play. Click here to purchase tickets!

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