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April 11-27, 2014

The Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine is honored to present
Cinderella: The World's Favorite Fairy Tale
by Lowell Swortzell.

This is a special re-telling with the well-known Cinderella of Charles Perrault introducing the audience to characters with similar stories from other cultures. The audience will meet the Chinese Pear Blossom, Vasilisa of Russian folklore and Rough Faced Girl of the Mi'kmaq Native American Tribe. Pear Blossom, Vasilisa and Rough Faced Girl all have one thing in common; they are mistreated by their families; they yearn for a better life; and through patience, hard work and bravery they live happily ever after. The story is embedded with magical objects; Pear Blossom has a magic cow; Vasilisa has a talking doll and Rough Faced Girl sees the Invisible Hunter. This is the perfect show for those who love fairy tales and an opportunity for young actors and audiences alike to gain cultural perspective through this well-loved tale.

Cinderella: the World's Favorite Fairytale is produced with special permission from Dramatic Publishing of Woodstock, IL. Through a generous grant from the Morton Kelly Charitable Trust, the actors and production crew will be working with cultural consultants during the rehearsal process to ensure the authenticity of the production. The cultural consultants will work directly with the young actors, answering questions, giving background information and advising on the design elements of the play.

Tickets are $9 for non-members, $8 for current members of the Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine.
Play in the Museum and see the play for $16 (please note that we close at 5pm). If you'd like to purchase more than 5 tickets, ask about our flex passes!
Reservations recommended.

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