WHAT IF... Portland Had Its Own Superhero Team?

A team made of those who will fight crime, protect the city, and rescue people in distress? Little do most know, deep down in the Theatre of the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine is a secret lair where heroes are made...


Action Headquarters, where you can become the hero Portland deserves!

Action Headquarters, where you can become the hero Portland deserves!

...Where you can become the hero Portland deserves!  Start by choosing a superpower, then an outfit to match. Select powerful objects and animal helpers to aid in your quest. Solve problems on stage to save the city from disaster! If you’re more gadget-minded, take a seat in the sound cave and follow along with the action by providing epic sound effects.


Will you take on the forces threatening our waters?

Action! HQ was dreamt up in the summer of 2018, inspired by the power of children to solve problems and take action in their own communities and the widespread, age-defying popularity of superhero stories. We aim to celebrate that and empower more young people by giving them a chance to make their own heroic persona and try their hand at fighting for the forces of good.  This newly opened exhibit has already proven itself as a center of super imagination!

Our Theatre has always been a wonderfully creative play space. For this addition, we dug deep into what makes our Theatre so fun and engaging, and enhanced those elements. The popular soundboard now has Foley sounds such as coconut shells and instruments as well as electronic noises, dress up now includes wacky and unique props, and the stage features a puppet theatre that doubles as a set piece!


Will you take on the power of flight?

It has been a truly fulfilling experience to watch our young visitors don a cape and mask and act out their stories on stage. I’ve seen heroes fighting dragons, mediating between squabbling animals, and covering a dull, bland city in a blanket of sparkles. I can’t even make these things up myself. So although the above comic books are not real, all are invited to come and make their own stories. The virtue, and the creativity, knows no bounds.

-Terra Fletcher, Exhibits Assistant

Terra answers the call of a city in distress!

Terra answers the call of a city in distress!

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