Introducing: Cloud City

Coming soon...


Our team is beyond excited for this wondrous addition to our Museum & Theatre! Cloud City is spectacularly designed to energize and awaken a sense of wonder and exploration through your senses. Now, you’re probably thinking… well, what does that mean? Picture this: You jet up the stairs to our third floor, eager to experience the miraculous Cloud City. You take a deep breath and open the exhibits door. Immediately you’re washed in moving shadows, projections, and light. Looking around you examine a space COMPLETELY drenched in dreamy landscapes and rich cloud-like projection displayed on cloud shaped screens and walls. Suddenly, a wave of wonder and fascination excites your senses as you feel (perhaps for the first time) like a plane, whizzing through the air or a bird carving through a morning fog… Congratulations, you’ve made it. You’ve entered Cloud City.

What to expect...

Cloud City is intended to be a truly immersive and sensory rich environment, ready to be explored and transformed by each visitor’s unique range of senses and imagination.


Other elements of this exhibit will include projections and reflections, blacklight and glow-in-the-dark features, as well as hidden “sensory eggs” to discover. Plus, (we hope you’re sitting down for this) a stellar and massive raincloud made up of a series of hundreds of hanging fabrics of various textures. The raincloud is designed as a tactile and audio experience where visitors must rely on their senses of touch and hearing to navigate through.  

*Spoiler* Hidden in our raincloud will be a secret ladder to get to the Sky Lounge. That’s right, this exhibit literally has layers to it!

Let’s talk science...

The multi-sensory exhibit design is informed by current science on the various ways we process our world. Visitors navigate through a tactile environment of order and disorder by using their body as an instrument for sensing. Hidden throughout the exhibit are fun hidden surprises for visitors to find. As an immersive environment with open ended interactives, our visitors will be invited to play, invent games and discover.

Something to look forward to...

Cloud City will occupy the Lights Camera Color exhibit space and build upon some of its existing ideas and components. The Camera Obscura will stay until it's needed for the new space. The opening of the exhibit will take place on May 23.

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