Construction Update: Projections and Reflections of NEW "Cloud City" Exhibit

The new exhibit, Cloud City (Coming May 23rd), will challenge your perception!

Original Rendering of Cloud City Exhibit

Original Rendering of Cloud City Exhibit

Let’s talk light…

Upon entering Cloud City, visitors will see a scene of clouds projected across the entire space. Here’s where we begin to tamper with your sense of wonder and perspective:

Construction of Cloud City!

Construction of Cloud City!

LIGHT- The cloud projections will be cast from opposite corners of the exhibit space. Here’s the twist (and the key element behind this design choice): each looping projection will be played at different speeds. So, while you view one projection whizzing through clouds, the other will be soaring in slower motion right next to it. Talk about enhancing how your mind registers speed and perception!

DEPTH- Each projection screen will be situated at different depths within the space, allowing YOU to go behind or in front of their figurations. Why? Well, we’d like you to meet shadows (perhaps even your own) in ways you’ve never met them before!

SENSORY PLAY- As you take in the sights, hide behind cloud-like structures and find little components we’ve strategically placed for you to further explore the power of light. But you'll need to discover each of these when you visit! ...okay okay, we'll tell you:

  • Interactive mirror wall;

  • Large magnifying lens;

  • Convex bubble mirrors;

  • Blacklight and glow-in-the-dark painting;

  • And a slap-organ!

Exhibit designer and fabricator Andy Rosen at work

Exhibit designer and fabricator Andy Rosen at work

We're so excited about the progress being made and can't wait to welcome Museum & Theatre members and visitors to Cloud City for play and learning! Remember, as a member, you're invited to this exciting exhibit opening party as a benefit of your Museum & Theatre membership!

Stay tuned for updates and sneak peeks over the next several months on our social media (follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin & Twitter using #KTCloudCity!), and email!

Til’ next time!