Museum on the Go Programs

The Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine receives many requests to provide programming for large events, such as festivals, fairs, or back-to-school nights.

For many years, the museum & theatre has traveled to provide programming to students in school classrooms or to youth in small group settings and this remains very popular programming. The Museum on the Go program; however, is an additional educational offering that provides informal, experiential learning stations in settings with large numbers of children and parents or caretakers (often 100 or more people).

Museum on the Go provides open-ended programming from a six-foot table, accommodates large groups, and allows for varied stay times. The Life of Istar, the Humpback Whale program is an exception as it requires considerably more space to accommodate the 40-foot inflatable whale.

Children and adults are welcome to visit, leave, and return to Museum on the Go programming, as they like. Open ended-programs provide information, but also allow all ages to explore on their own, make their own choices, and learn through play and experimentation.  

  • The Life of Istar, the Humpback Whale

  • 3 Little Pigs Engineering

  • Ancient Maine

  • Microbes and ‘Scopes

  • Collaborative Community Map Making

  • Growing Worms, Growing Garden

For more information about pricing or making a request, please visit the Education section of our website.

Patricia Erikson