What to Expect at a Play Your Way Event

Play Your Way events offer low-key, sensory aware, and inclusive playtime for families

Play Your Way events offer low-key, sensory aware, and inclusive playtime for families

On any given day, if you make your way around the Museum & Theatre exhibits—the Fire Truck, the Lobster Boat, the Car Shop, and the Ambulance—you will see (and hear!) players of all different ages, ethnicities, abilities, and genders. The firefighters, farmers, car mechanics, and EMTs truly reflect the diversity of our Greater Portland Community. The Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine is committed to welcoming all families each and every day and we are continuing to grow these efforts in our plans for the future.

In an effort to welcome more families, we offer special Play Your Way events to invite families affected by Autism, Down syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder, or other challenges to play in our exhibits during a quieter time and meet other families in the community. Museum & Theatre educators are on-hand to answer any questions you may have about the Museum & Theatre’s projects and programs and to support your family’s needs. Play Your Way events are the perfect time to try out the Museum & Theatre and see if it’s a good fit for your family.

Play Your Way is one of my favorite events to host at the Museum & Theatre because I see visitors really getting to “play their way.” A couple months ago, a young girl would not leave the Have a Ball exhibit to explore more of the Museum & Theatre, even after her parents showed her our visual exhibit guide with pictures of other places to play. However, instead of pushing her out of the ball room, the parents happily played for a full hour in just one space. I often see the exact opposite as well; children might move quickly (but safely!) from one exhibit to the next. Last month, a mother reflected that she was able let her child orbit the first floor alone while she kept an eye on him from a central location giving him some much-appreciated freedom and her some much-needed rest! She also mentioned that during a busier time at the Museum & Theatre, she would have been worried about chasing after her son for fear that he might do something that other visitors might not understand. At Play Your Way, she knew that everyone would understand the way her son plays.

This year, we will not only “play our way,” but we will also highlight four different holidays. We’ll kick off the year with a Valentine’s Day Play Your Way on Saturday, February 9th from 9-10am. We’ll create colorful valentines for someone special and get moving during a love song dance party. Then, participate in a Dinosaur-themed Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 14th from 9-10am to celebrate spring with a science-y spin on this age-old tradition. Keep your eyes out for information about our sensory trick or treating event before Halloween and a chance to meet Santa Claus in a low-key, inclusive setting in December.

Play Your Way events are now FREE thanks to our long-time partner WEX! If you have questions about the event, please contact Lily O’Brien at lily@kitetails.org or 207-828-1234 x227