Theatre Educator Co-Stars in Mad Horse Theatre Performance

Theatre Educator Allison McCall

Theatre Educator Allison McCall

When our theatre staff are not working with child actors, repairing costumes, or setting stage and lights here at the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine, they are often participating in the regional theatre community themselves. Theatre Educator Allison McCall co-stars in a performance that opens tonight at Mad Horse Theatre Company in South Portland. From September 26-October 13 the company will be performing Radiant Vermin by Philip Ridley. Radiant Vermin (directed by Jake Cote) has been described as a dark, provocative, and fast-paced satire about the housing market that addresses the question: how far would any of us go to get our dream home?

Allison said, “At Mad Horse, I'm primarily an actor but I also stage manage, house manage, and run our social media. I'm very excited about bringing this play to Portland; it's so topical to the gentrification and homeless displacement that is happening, while not being too "on the nose" stylistically with the delivery. It's a three-person cast, primarily featuring myself and Joe Bearor. It's funny and quirky and dark, and I think it will leave audiences surprised and thinking in ways they don't expect. 

Break a leg, Allison, and we appreciate your stage expertise!

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Patricia Erikson