The Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine exists to inspire discovery and imagination through exploration and play.

The Museum & Theatre serves as an indispensable resource for families and educators, helping to create a broad community devoted to our children's development and learning.


Who We Are

The Museum & Theatre is a welcoming and valuable community asset, offering a diverse array of educational opportunities specifically developed for children and their families, caregivers, and educators.

The Museum & Theatre provides families with unique opportunities to play and learn together.  In addition to offering one-of-a-kind, hands-on exhibits, the Museum & Theatre leads daily educational activities for all ages and produces fully-staged theater productions featuring youth actors.

Based on a careful study of community needs, the Museum & Theatre’s work focuses on the following key areas:

  • STEM (science, technology, engineering & math)

  • Multicultural education and community engagement

  • Performing and visual arts

  • Early childhood education

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Where We Came From

  • 1923

    Children's Theatre of Portland is founded by the Junior League of Portland.

  • 1944

    The Children's Trailer Theatre spends its first summer traveling between Portland's playgrounds and parks, funded by the City of Portland Parks and Recreation Department.

  • 1974

    Children's Theatre of Portland becomes Children's Theatre of Maine.

  • 1976

    Children's Museum of Maine is founded by the Junior League of Portland.

  • 1993

    Museum moves operations to 142 Free Street after successful $2.5 million capital campaign.

  • 2008

    The Children's Theatre of Maine merges with the Children's Museum of Maine, and the organization is renamed the Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine. The Museum & Theatre produces a highly successful season of theatre by children, for children.

  • 2011

    Museum & Theatre hires professional firm to conduct market research testing the public’s interest in expanded offerings.

  • 2016

    Museum & Theatre launches “Imagine” capital campaign in summer 2016.

  • 2017

    Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine purchases land at Thompson’s Point as site of future new home.


Where We’re Going

From 2019-2021, our strategic planning is focused on improving, enhancing, and creating new pathways to:

Dynamic Education:

Inspire empathy, self-awareness, and resiliency; collaboration and leadership; and creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking in children of all ages.

Access, Inclusion, & Diversity:

Provide a broader portion of our community with learning through play opportunities.

Community Resource:

Be utilized as a crucial community resource for education, theatre and creativity by children and families from Maine and beyond.

Organizational Health:

Foster a culture of growth, education, collaboration, and accomplishment among the individuals within the organization.

Financial Sustainability:

Ensure a sustainable financial future for the organization.

We are committed to aligning the work of the Museum & Theatre to these fundamental goals and to making measurable progress, every year, towards achieving them.


The Museum & Theatre is building a new home on Thompson’s Point.

Many of our current goals and the ways we serve the community will remain the same as we make this monumental change. Additionally, the new Museum & Theatre’s increased capacity and enhanced programs will open new opportunities and help the organization reach its goals.

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