Did you ever wonder what happens in the Museum & Theatre at night? The Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine hosts after-hours workshops and sleepover camp-ins! Scouts can earn badges and achievements through special workshops while exploring the Museum & Theatre when we're closed to the public.


Scout Overnights & Evening Workshops

Group Overnights

You and your group will participate in a number of activities presented by our educators, have a late night snack and set up camp anywhere among our three floors of exhibits!
Overnights can be reserved any Saturday night (book early for best availability).
They begin at 5:30pm and run until 9am the following morning.

After-Hours Workshops

For children who are interested in attending a Museum & Theatre program after hours but who are not quite ready for an overnight, we offer evening workshops.  Evening workshops can be reserved any evening of the week (book early for best availability).

Overnight & Workshop Themes

What is a fossil, and what can it tell us? Experience the life of a fossil through dramatic play and then explore our collection of prehistoric fossil replicas to determine which creatures they once belonged to. Scouts will get to touch and examine casts of dinosaur fossils, as well as our T Rex Jawbone replica.

Maine Mammal
Discover an array of Maine animal adaptations using drama and real artifacts from our collection. Compare the natural abilities and limitations of a variety of animals - even humans! Handle and explore amazing animal artifacts like a moose antler, a turtle shell, mammal teeth, skulls and furs.

Get up close and personal with live yellow-bellied slider turtles! Practice your observation skills while exploring real turtle artifacts, like shells and skulls. Learn all about the anatomy and biology of various turtles and tortoises from the land and sea, and then meet one of our turtles in person.

Use imagination and puppetry to journey deep into the ocean. With the help of light levels and movement you’ll explore the intertidal, sunlight, twilight and midnight zones. You will transform into ocean-dwelling creatures and act out a show in our Theatre. Then, meet our live ocean creatures in our Tide Pool Touch Tank.

Stars & Space
What is a star made of? How did ancient people use stars as a compass? Learn about the intersection between science and culture by observing the night sky in our mini-planetarium. Then, create your own unique constellation artwork to take home.

Take the Stage
Bring the classic story of The Three Little Pigs to life with a series of dramatic games and activities. This workshop is easily adaptable for any age group and promotes confidence, team-building, taking turns and listening. Designed for ages 5-7 years old.

Join us for a night of revelry and festivity. Make a crown fit for a king or queen, get your face painted, and get moving and grooving in your very own dance party. This is the perfect overnight to celebrate a birthday or finish out your year of scouting!

Working towards a specific badge or achievement?
Give us a call to design a custom program.

Pricing & Reservations

The cost of an overnight is $27 per child and $15 per adult, with a minimum fee of $625.
Evening workshops are $13 per child and $5 per adult, with a minimum fee of $370.

To start the reservation process, contact (207) 828-1234 ext. 232 or email Shana.

Event Guidelines and Policies

Group Size
For overnights and workshops, we require a minimum fee of $625 and can accomodate no more than 70 people. We require one adult chaperone for every five children. (Some exceptions can be made; contact us to inquire.) If this isn't the right fit for your group's size, consider a group visit with a guided program during regular hours, or seeing a theatre production as a group.

Sleeping Arrangements
Children and chaperones may have assigned sleeping areas within our exhibits, including the fire truck, space shuttle and Discovery Woods. Small groups may be permitted to choose their own sleeping areas.

Participants supply their own evening snack. (No nuts, please!) A breakfast is served the following morning which includes cereal, fruit and juice. Please notify us in advance of specific dietary needs.

Bring home a memory: Groups are invited to shop for something fun and engaging to remind them of their special time at the Museum & Theatre! In order to make the best shopping experience for larger group sizes, your troop may be scheduled for a specific time to shop in the Imagine More Store.

Cancellation Policy
Decisions to cancel due to inclement weather will be made by the Museum & Theatre the day of the scheduled event. Museum staff will call the Troop or Pack contact that scheduled the event and notify them of cancellations. Deposits for weather-related cancellations will be credited toward a re-scheduled event. The Museum & Theatre reserves the right to cancel a workshop or overnight up to two weeks prior to the event. If cancelled, we will do our best to re-schedule or a full refund will be issued. If the reserving group cancels the reservation with less than two weeks' notice, the $100 deposit will not be refunded.

Council-Sponsored Events: Meet other troops!

We've worked in cooperation with the Girl Scouts of Maine Council to plan a series of exciting Scout overnights and workshops. These special events take place when the Museum & Theatre is closed to the public.

Sign up as a troop or as an individual. To register for a scheduled Council event at the Museum & Theatre, call 772-1177 or visit the Girl Scouts of Maine. See event descriptions for registration deadlines.