Welcome to the Museum & Theatre


The Museum & Theatre welcomes everyone. Our space is accessible to all visitors. With an elevator and exhibit clearances at least 36” wide, stroller and wheelchair access is available to all floors. Noise cancelling headphones are available at the front desk, and special playtimes with reduced sound and lighting are scheduled throughout the year. Every floor has sitting areas. Restrooms have fully accessible toilets and sinks. Stools are available for water fountains, sinks, and exhibits. If you have an accessibility request, please contact us so we can best accommodate your request.


We work hard to keep the Museum & Theatre safe for all visitors and staff! You can help us meet this goal:

  • For the comfort and safety of visitors and staff, the Museum & Theatre does not permit weapons of any kind on the campus, inside the building, or at any events.

  • Smoking, vaping, and tobacco use are not permitted in or on the property of the Museum & Theatre. Our heating/cooling systems take in fresh air, so we ask that you stand at least 100’ from the building if smoking.

  • Pets are not permitted on the premises. Service dogs are permitted.

  • All children under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Tips for a Great Visit

  • Bring a change of clothes: Between water play, painting, and sand exploration, there’s a high potential for messy fun!

  • Restrooms are located on the lower level and family restrooms are located on the second floor. All restrooms are equipped with changing tables.

  • If you have forgotten or run out of diapers or wipes, just ask at the front desk.

  • Nursing is welcome throughout the building, and there are spaces to sit on every level. If you would prefer to nurse in private, please let a staff member know and we will make accommodations for you.

  • Although we do not allow eating in the exhibits or during performances, you are welcome to eat at the tables and chairs in the lower level or at the tables in our backyard!

  • If you forgot your food, no worries; snacks and drinks are available for purchase at the front desk, or you are welcome to bring in food from one of our many nearby restaurants.

  • Space for strollers is limited, and small strollers are recommended over large strollers. You are welcome to bring your stroller with you throughout the building. If you would like to park it, there is limited space for stroller parking behind the front desk. (Space is limited, so please collapse your stroller!)

  • Lost (or found) something? We keep lost and found items at the front desk for at least one week. Please call 207-828-1234, ext. 231! For health reasons, we do not retain heavily soiled clothes, food, sippy cups, water bottles, or pacifiers.

  • We do not have lockers or monitored storage areas. The Museum & Theatre is not responsible for lost of stolen items. Please do not leave anything of value unattended.

  • Our staff are trained in child/adult CPR, First Aid, the use of our on-site AED, and our evacuation protocols, so they are prepared to help during emergencies.

  • We design our exhibits to be safe places to play. If you find a safety concern, please let a staff member know immediately!

  • The Museum & Theatre is cleaned nightly by a professional cleaning service using hospital-grade disinfectants. Our staff sanitize surfaces throughout the day.

  • All of our props and toys are cleaned on a regular basis (plastic food and toddler park toys are washed and sanitized nightly; all other props, such as stuffed animals, are washed at least once a week). If a prop has been in your child’s mouth, please let us know, or simply place it in a dirty toy bin.

  • Our staff and volunteers wear blue aprons and name tags. If you have a question, need assistance, or have a safety concern or incident to report, please let us know!