Scholarship Memberships

Apply for a Suzanne Olson scholarship

If you receive public assistance and/or have compelling personal circumstances and would like to apply for a scholarship membership, please complete an application and send with documentation of public assistance to:

Lucia Stancioff, Deputy Director
Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine
PO Box 4041
Portland, ME 04101

Click here for information about documenting public assistance.

You can also pick up a blank application or drop off a paper applicati0n form at the Museum & Theatre's front desk.

Support this program

The Suzanne Olson Scholarship Fund is an initiative that opens our doors to hundreds of children and families each year. Lack of financial resources is the biggest barrier that prevents many families from becoming members and fully benefiting from our services. As the demand for our programs grows, so does the need for financial assistance. The Museum & Theatre receives requests daily from families who cannot afford the full price of membership or admission.

Your contribution toward this program it is a gift to families in our community. ALL children deserve learning through play.