The Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine Privacy Policy

The Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine does not collect personal information via our website unless it is voluntarily provided. Providing such information means you agree to our privacy policy/terms and conditions. Personal information is collected to facilitate purchases, donations, registrations, and memberships. Personal information is also collected for communications from the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine. We do not sell or rent individual personal information to third parties. We may share aggregate information (such as website statistics or survey results) with additional partners.

Use of web forms: When using forms, we partner with third party software companies including, but not limited to: Blackabud’s Altru, Greater Giving, Google and

Cookies/Website statistics: We collect information on who is visiting our website, but that information is anonymous, and includes only the domain name, date and time of access, and method of access (e.g. google). Cookies are small packets of information stored on your hard drive by your web browser, to improve your browsing experience. The cookies we use do not contain any personal information.Most Web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can change the preferences of your browser so that it does not accept them.

When We Collect Information:

Online purchases: purchases such as gift certificates, memberships, donations, theatre tickets, and all event registrations. We collect this information so that we can process your order, allow you to pick up your tickets, and/or deliver any necessary paperwork or benefits to the right address. We maintain this information to track your order and/or allow you to use your membership benefits. This information may be used in the future to send promotional emails regarding events at the museum and theatre, as well as to advise you of your membership expiration date (you can opt-out at any time from promotional emails).

Web forms: when you request a reservation via an online form, such as a birthday or facility rental request, we collect that information so that we can process your request and contact you to complete the reservation. This information is stored so that we can contact you about any issues going forward, as well as properly completing your reservation. This information may be used in the future to send promotional emails regarding reservations with us (you can opt-out at any time from promotional emails).

Emails: you may email us with a question or concern, which contains personal information you voluntarily provide to us. We may pass your information along to other staff members who can better answer your questions/provide assistance.

Surveys: We occasionally conduct surveys to learn more about our community and ways in which we can serve you better. These surveys are entirely voluntary, but may ask questions about your background, occupation, opinions, and etc. Individual results or information will never be shared with third parties without written consent, but anonymous aggregate results may be shared.

Donations: If you make an online donation, we will ask for the information we need to process and acknowledge your donation. This information may be used to alert you to fundraising drives or events (you can opt-out at any time from promotional emails or mailings).

Information from children: We do not ask children for personal information. We do ask the family members of children for information so that the children can attend events and camps or be listed on a membership. This information is never shared with third parties.

Security: The Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine uses Blackbaud Merchant Services,, and Greater Giving to process online purchases. If you prefer, you may also make event reservations and purchase memberships over the phone at 207-828-1234, ext. 231; reserve parties, groups, or facility rentals at 207-828-1234, ext. 232; or inquire about making a donation at (207) 828-1234, ext.242.

Opt-out: You may opt out of our emails at any time, either by hitting ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of any email, or by sending us an email at

Revisions to our Privacy Practices: The Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine may update these privacy practices at any time, which we may do in order to comply with changes to law, policy, or other factors. We recommend you review this privacy practices page periodically.

Questions/concerns: If you have questions or concerns about our privacy practices, or any aspect of our website, please contact us at