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Istar the Humpback Whale to Appear at Governor John Fairfield School Family Night

The Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine will bring its Istar the Humpback Whale traveling exhibit to Family Night at the Governor John Fairfield School, 75 Beach Street, Saco on Thursday, October 10, 2019 from 5-7 PM. The museum & theatre will bring the popular 45-foot replica of a real humpback by the same name as part of its Museum-On-the-Go programming.

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"Silly Slime" with Museum & Theatre Educator, Sam!

Usually, we define substances as solid, liquid, or gas- the three states of matter.  Solids, consist of tightly packed molecules that move very little. Liquids, have molecules that flow and move around each other. And in gasses, the molecules are very fast and far apart... Which raises the question, what do we do about something that can look and feel solid but actually moves more like a liquid?

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